Here's what your neighbors are saying about
Thomas' Liquid Stainless SteelTM . . .

"I purchased the product after seeing it on Oprah and Rachael Ray. After first starting to paint my white fridge I was nervous and skeptical. By the time I finished the second coat I was sold on it. It turned out great and I am very impressed, as is everyone who has seen it. It was easy to do and changed the look of my kitchen, since my other appliances are stainless. I would highly recommend this product! Thanks!"
Laurie V., Davenport, IA

"What can I say? Liquid Stainless Steel is wonderful!!! I had a stainless stove and dishwasher already, but an almond fridge that worked fine. I really hesitated at spending two thousand on a new one. I saw your website in Heloise's column and checked into it the next day. When I got your product on a Friday I was excited. My family was going out of town, so Saturday I re-did my fridge! Boy, was my husband surprised when he got home. I was able to finish it all in one day, then let the clear coat dry overnight. Thank you so much for saving me some money! I work for a real estate company and will pass along word of your product to everyone. What a great way to update the look of appliances without having to go out and buy all new ones! Wonderful wonderful wonderful."
Tori E., Savage, MN

"LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT!!!!!! Our kitchen looks great and we are very happy with it!"
Elena F., San Jacinto, CA

"Your product is fabulous. I have recommended it to several contractors and individuals. My daughter, a pastry chef, wanted to renovate her kitchen. My son in law, a fine dining chef, used your product to paint the overhead light fixtures. They blend perfectly with all of the new stainless steel kitchenaid appliances. When you can make two chefs happy in their kitchen you've made a great product."
Donna M., Miami, FL

"My response to your product is YEAH !!!!! it was a cleaning problem miracle for me....I purchased a very expensive range with stainless surroundings and a black top....bad move the black showed every bit of stain and was dusty looking all the time, I believe I heard about your product on tv and tried it... and now I am a much happier camper and I love the look of the range, and I don't need to wipe the dust off every 5 minutes."
Merna F., Wycoff, NJ

"I love it!
Jana Wheeler

"I was very skeptical at first about attempting to use your product. So being the brave person I am, I decided to practice on the microwave. It turned out so great that I was able to jump right in and do the stove & dishwasher. I purchased the kit for a stove, but because my stove looks built in I had more than enough to also paint the dishwasher door. The products are very easy to use and there isn't any chemical smell and clean up is so easy. The instructions were easy to follow along with the DVD. If I could figure out how to get the pictures from my digital camera to the computer, I 'd send pictures of my "masterpieces." Thanks for creating such a superior product."
Kim H., Hickory Hills, IL

"I apologize for not having written to you sooner. You have not idea how much easier my refrigerator upkeep has become since my husband painted over my old refrigerator! We absolutely LOVE your product.
We purchased a Sears stainless steel refrigerator six years ago, it was terrible! Every fingerprint, every droplet of water that was splashed on the front left a HUGE smudge when we tried to spot clean it. Upkeep was much too time consuming! When I saw your product on our AOL homepage, I was cautiously optimistic. Could it really be possible that our constant smeary refrigerator problem was soon to come to an end?
We are SO satisfied with our finished product. (Many of our friends thought we were a little strange "painting" our stainless steel refrigerator with Liquid Stainless though!). We are thrilled with the finished product! I love to try to fingerprint the refrigerator daily - just because I can. It was a simple project. The complete kit arrived so quickly, the instruction DVD was exceptional, and WE ARE THRILLED! Thank you! Thank you! Your company is the greatest!!!!"
Connie M., Dubuque, IA

I used it for the first time this last weekend. As I was working outside I felt I needed to wait for the weather to cool down. It's been topping 100 here in the bay area. I got up early Saturday morning and applied the primer to an island counter top and after a short while I put on the first coat of LSS. It is very easy to use and doesn't require very much per coat. After the second coat I applied the top coats per the directions and it looks fabulous! I'm going to wait 14 days to make sure it is cured before installing on our kitchen island. As it is a countertop, I want it fully ready for abuse. I will be sending a picture or 2. Before/after. Thx for the follow up. Rgds,
Richard E., San Francisco, CA

"I think it looks great! I painted the brass faucet, handles, and jets on our jacuzzi tub and you can't tell the difference from the brushed nickel fixtures we have in the bathroom. We showed it to some guests we had over, and they could not guess which was painted.
Erik Lindgren

I am amazed at your product. I think its phenomenal. It was incredibly easy to use and by following the easy instructions I had a perfect outcome every time. As a matter of fact, I have ranted and raved about your product to friends and family and just couldn't wait to bring people over to my studio to view my new kitchen. I desperately wanted to modernize the small 70's dated Kitchenette in my San Francisco Hills studio I just moved in to. I didn't want to have to tear out and replace the range and stove, so with a little research, I stumbled upon your incredible product and I'm so glad I did because with little money and hardly any elbow grease, I'm modern again. Thanks so very much. P.S. I can send you images if you'd like.
Tavo, San Francisco, CA

"All said and done we are very pleased with the results and it is CERTAINLY cheaper to refinish rather then buy new. I would certainly recommend your product to anyone who is interested. Thank you for taking the time to inquire. It shows that you are a company that cares. Regards
Raymond K.

"I thought the product was terrific. I painted my stove and range hood and they look great. The product was easy to apply and dried to a beautiful finish. The only problem I had was when I removed tape from one edge of the stove, the paint peeled a little bit. I think that was more user error than a defect in your product. I should have taken the tape off sooner and/or used a box knife to cut it. I tell all my home-improvement-type friends about Thomas' Liquid Stainless Steel. It's affordable and made our stove that had been a real eye-sore blend in seamlessly with our other stainless steel appliances. We really saved over a thousand dollars by using your product rather than buying a new stove, and the process took only a few hours!
Amy E.

"I ABSOLUTELY loved the Liquid Stainless Steel! It turned out SO awesome in my kitchen and nobody could believe it was paint. I would like to post a testimonial on the website and even send some pics if you're interested - I took before & after pics."
J., Franklin, TN

"I bought your product Liquid Stainless Steel to resurface my dishwasher. I do paint finishes, faux murals, decorative paint, and others professionally, so I was confident I could execute the technique. it went on great and aside from a clumsy son in-law...I had no problems and it looks like the real thing..magnetic and all. . thanks again...looking forward to new projects."
Jody T., Houston, TX

"From the day our white appliances were delivered, I wished they were stainless. As soon as I heard about your Thomas' Liquid Stainless Steel I bought one of your Liquid Stainless Kits and brushed it on my appliances. Several friends have visited my house and noticed my new stainless steel appliances. All the people in my office are going nuts over your product! Thanks a bunch!"
Sara H., St. Charles, Missouri

"We used it on our dishwasher and our oven. It was the third product we tried and we wish we had found it sooner! It looks great and now our older appliances finally match our new refrigerator. Thanks!
Maria P.

"The stainless steel stuff worked very well, assuming you had enough faith to put on a second coat. It is amazing how well it worked. We used it more places than we had planned, once we saw how it worked. I was extremely happy with the kit, and the amount of paint included did several other projects. Sincerely,
Keith M.

"We are quite pleased with the results of applying the Liquid Stainless Steel on the dishwasher, oven, stove top and vent hood in our kitchen. And it cost much less than replacing the appliances would have."
Linda H., Reynoldsburg, OH

"I did two appliances, refrigerator and freezer. Came out great, easy to do, great instructions, dries quickly. Really want to do my worn out butcherblock countertop and backsplash. Can I?
Peggy L

"Tremendous! Easy to use and turned an old bar in a sun room into a great piece of case goods. Will try to use again."
Brian C., Los Angeles, CA

"We've wanted a stainless steel look for our kitchen for years, but our dated appliances still work great. We just couldn't justify spending thousands of dollars to replace them. Liquid Stainless Steel provided the solution. We have the look we wanted - it's truly transformed our kitchen - and for less than $150!
Liquid Stainless Steel is more than a product. It's a system that gave us easy-to-follow instructions and all the materials we needed to do the job right."
Lisa S., Parker, CO

We Loved it! My sister and I did the microwave, the diswasher, the stove, the refrigerator and we're just finishing up a small desk. We'll take photo's & send them to you. We still have to cut the film to put on the dishwasher & microwave. The appliances look great. So if two "older" (57 & 73) ladies can do this anyone can! Thanks for a great product.
Jude C.

"Your Liquid Stainless Steel worked great. We had just purchased 5 new Electrolux appliances and could not find a 36 stainless range hood that we liked even up to $700. I tried the Liquid Stainless 3 coats covered the off white paint. Then I applied the clear coat. The surface was not smooth; it had tiny bumps. I used a sanding sponge to lightly sand the finish and then applied 2 more coats of the clear coat. It worked great and the range hood looks great with our new kitchen, and we saved $500 to $700.
Jim M., Buena Park, CA

"I do not consider myself to be a great painter so I was really worried about trying your Liquid Stainless, but I did. I am pleased to report it was as easy as painting a bedroom. I am very proud of my kitchen. My neighbors think I have new appliances. Thank you!"
Gina H., Chesterfield, MO

"I love it. It is easy to use and looks great. I will be doing bigger projects soon."
Denise D., Streamwood, IL

"What a great idea. I am building a franchise around it!"
Tom C., Denver, Colorado

We loved the Stainless Steel product. We have used it in a completely different mannerwe actually painted it on the tile in our tub surround and on the wall. This is for a very low use bathroommaybe one shower per year in that room. It was turned the tile from a peach pink to stainless and made the room look great. The most difficult problem we faced was preventing the paint from running when it settled into the grout. It was easy to use and the results were well worth the effort.
Kathy S.

"Hi, My husband used the paint to cover some brass towel bars. He thinks it worked very well. Everyone who sees the job is impressed. Thanks."
Norma L., Leechburg, PA

"Hello, Thanks for following up with us. The kit worked wonderfully on the refrigerator. We need to do some touching up on a few areas so I just ordered some more."
Diane H., Federick, MD

"Dear Floyd, Thomas's Liquid Stainless Steel is simply amazing! I'm telling all of my friends about it. Thanks so much!"
Pegge P., Saint Louis, MO

"Absolutley love it. It is all you say it is. Everyone thinks I purchased a new fridge. The only bad thing about my fridge is that it is a side by side and I could not figure out how to get the handles off. Therefore, you can kinda tell at the edge of the handles in some places. I got pretty close to where the ice and water comes out. The outside of that looks good. However, those are no faults of your product. It is excellent....... Thanks a Million!"
Angela V., Lake, TX

"I wanted to share these photos with you. I really enjoyed the outcome of using your product. As you can see, I had major stains on the handle to the bottom drawer to my range. It was caused by oven cleaner being left on too long, it was acidic and the stains could not be removed. I applied 2 coats of your liquid stainless steel, and 2 coats of the clear topcoat. It looks fantastic! I have attached a photo showing before and after. Thanks again."
Patrick M., Sacramento, CA

"We got the fridge done and it looks great! I love the product and will be sending you some pics when I have a chance to get them downloaded. We moved into an old house and some of the door knobs were in bad shape. I had planned on replacing them so decided to try Liquid Stainless on them... it worked like a champ... they look great!! We love the fridge- no need to buy a Stainless one now. It was fun to use the product, too. The videos were very important to watch and well done. It's going to be fun to watch you grow... it's a great product."
Chris H., Plymouth, MI

"It was my pleasure to do a review on such a quality product. Now I look at stainless steel appliances with a completely different eye. I was in Circuit City the other day and there were some freezers there and I couldn't help checking out the finish compared to Liquid Stainless Steel. Very similar! I appreciate any product that can provide such a simple decorative transformation. It was fun to create the results your product provides. Thanks, again."
Donna C., Lake, VA

"Our old kitchen table now looks beautiful. It was very simple to apply and the process was very quick. The water based product made it easy to clean-up. The finished product looks stunning and adds so much pizzazz to our kitchen decor. We will share our experience and the wonderful results of Thomas' Liquid Stainless Steel with our friends and neighbors. Take Care."
Oner & Margaret O., Des Peres, MO

"We loved it !!!! If my husband would have followed the directions on the first item he painted, it would have turned out much better, but the second item he painted turned out beautiful."
Norine B., Wylie,TX

"Hello, we did use the kit and the fridge looks awesome. We did the body in black appliance epoxy and the doors in Liquid Stainless Steel. We also did the front panels of our dishwasher. Now everything matches our new black and stainless range and hood. Thank you."
Yolonda B., Las Vegas, NV

"I am renovating a very, very small cottage. The kitchen is tiny with a small counter top that needed to be replaced. My decorator saw your product featured in a magazine article and we decided that we would try this on the counter instead of going to the cost of replacing such a small counter top. It came out great! I love the look and the color! My decorator said she is going to do her counter tops now. Love your product!"
Pam T.

"It's a great product. I really like the way it looks on my countertops. I noticed that it was not recommended for countertops but I really don't use my countertop that much."
Ned D.

"I used the liquid stainless steel to refinish the hardware on my kitchen cabinets. I refinish many different items from tables, desk, lamps, fixtures, etc. ... so I was very excited to find a good quality product with results so authentic."

"I wanted to follow up with you on your Liquid Stainless Steel. I used my sample kit to cover the top and front of an old filing cabinet that used to be bone/beige in color. (There wasn't enough in the kit to cover the whole thing.) I am extremely impressed with how it turned out, and several friends and family members have been really wowed by it, too. I've attached a couple of pics so you can see it.
I almost can't wait to find something else in the house that could be made new again by this stuff. I don't want stainless appliances in my kitchen, but if I did, I'd use Liquid Stainless Steel in a heartbeat. It creates a tremendously rich finish. Best regards."
Jeff H., Belcamp, MD

"I LOVE This PRODUCT!!! I ordered the craft kit to begin with and painted numerous items, door knobs, numerous drawer pulls, and several glass and crystal base lamps that had brass fittings.I recently received my next order of a pint of paint and sealer and my list is now growing - bar stool seats, tray table tops, tissue holder, light fixtures. The little craft kit did so many items, I'm sure this pint will also go a long way. I mentioned your product to a friend of mine and she ordered the craft kit to do a couple of brass faucets."
MaryAnn M., Huntington Beach, CA

"The fridge came out absolutely beautiful. Everyone thought I got a new one. Great product !!!!!!!!"
Louis M., New York, NY

"Pretty awesome stuff, everyone who sees it is amazed that it's a do it yourself process. Our range looks great and blends nicely with the fridge and other appliances. It's as easy as the video makes it look. I highly recommend Liquid Stainless Steel Kits."
Robert A., Lincoln, CA

"We used Liquid Stainless Steel to upgrade a dishwasher and refrigerator and were completely satisfied. The staff was very helpful in answering the questions that we had before beginning the project. The project went well with no snags and we are now proudly showing off our new kitchen."
Mary J., San Antonio, TX

"Wendy, I ordered the Thomas Kitchen Art Liquid Stainless Steel in craft kit size in order to transform a glass top brass trimmed coffee table to a stainless steel appearance to match other trims in the room. The area to be painted consisted of 2/3 of each of 4 legs and the metal bracing between all the legs. One craft kit was enough to cover the entire area. The directions were clear and the outcome was excellent. It came out exactly as the material said it would and so far, there have been no problems with the finish."
Lynette L., Pittsburgh, PA

"My colleague just told me her son and daughter-in-law used your product on their trash compactor. They love the result! They said it was easy and looks great."
Annette A., Minneapolis, MN

"It was a little tricky to work for a perfect finish, but we love the outcome, it did exactly what we wanted for our fridge, beige to stainless in just a day!!! thanks"
Dawn J.

"I purchased the product about three months ago and used it on my dish washer. It worked great. So easy to use. The dish washer had a black front and would not match the new appliances, stove (black and stainless steel and the refridge (all stainless). Therefore, I used the product on the front panels (upper and bottom) and left the area where the button are black with silver buttons. All my family and friends were amazed at the outcome. It looks just like stainless steel and now completes the kitchen.
I am so happy. I also used the product on my kitchen cabinets hardware. They were gold and now they have the stainless steel look.
This stuff really works!!. Keep up the good work. I am looking for other things to do."
Ora W.

"Hi.. I am an artist.. And bought your paint to experiment. I am painting my doorknobs and hinges with a craft paint especially for metal. And the silver paint looked okay.. But not perfect. Once the silver paint is on.. I put on two coats of Stainless paint, It adds a great sheen and shine to make them look like they are Really supposed to be that color. I love the paint.. And will let you know of other ways I use it. Whatever you use to create the finish it leaves is just perfect." Karen C.

"Good afternoon, I recently purchased your product to paint all of my parents appliances - love it!!! Now i will be purchasing more to do all of my appliances too - what a great product! thank-you!!!"
Lorelei K.

"The "stainless steeling" process went beautifully. It looks great!"
Michael P

"The product worked GREAT ! Thanks.."
Paul F., Houston, TX

"I finally used your Liquid Stainless Steel product last weekend. Everyone tried to talk me into trying it on a toaster or something small first but I was determined and painted my refrigerator. It turned out really awesome. I had to put a third coat on because I had a few bare spots from the wiping up/down with the sponge brush. I had friends over last night and most people thought I bought a new fridge. Others that realized it was my old fridge, thought I must have hired someone to paint it. They loved it.
I'm in the middle of a kitchen make-over and didn't want the expensive of buying a new fridge just to have it match my new appliances. You've saved me a whole lot of money. Thank you very much. I'm very happy I found you. Thanks!"
Lisa H.

"I used your Stainless Steel product on an old frig I have in the garage. It looks great! I found it very easy to apply. I have recommend it to several of my friends. It's a great way to change the appearance of an old appliance. I used it on a couple of picture frames also."
Albert S.

"I would just like to tell you how wonderful your product is. It's easy, not messy and went on as beautifully as you said it would. Thanks"
Leigh Ann V.

"We were very happy with the product. It made a huge difference for our old ugly garbage disposal. We were very impressed."
Andrea Y.

"I only need to order the top coat at this time. I still have some of the liquid stainless steel left. Thank you for checking. I LOVE your product!!!!"
Karine T.

"I wanted to show you before and after pictures of the refrigerator handles, now all my appliances match.
Thank you for Liquid Stainless Steel, I love it!"
Josie B., Austin, TX

"Hey just finished my frig and dishwasher it took some time but it came perfect and much cheaper then buying new ones it gave my new home a facelift here are some before and after pics."
Eric K., Manalapan, NJ

"Wanted to share my before and after pictures of the range hood I "converted" this weekend. Turned out great!"
Amy L.

"Hello, I have an interesting one for you - I had taken on a project of restoring a wrecked DeLorean (like the car from the Back to the Future movies), and the front of the car had been hit. The hood and driver side fender were crumpled, and are stainless and impossible to find.
We decided to do a little playwork. We pulled a mold off of a friend's DeLorean and made the fender and hood out of fiberglass. We then ordered your kit and painted the fiberglass parts. With a little work, we actually made the replacment parts look exactly like the originals! Awesome product!"
Rob P.

"I painted my kitchen appliances. I love the look! All of my appliances were different colors so it is quite a transformation! I painted the sides, top & handles and kick plate of my fridge black so the front is the only part that is stainless and am very pleased as to how all of it turned out. I also painted my stovetop black and the rest of it is stainless. Everything looks like it matches. The only thing I was disappointed in was that the texture on the fridge came through so it didn't exactly take on the stainless steel appearance. I put several coats on and then realized I would not have enough for my other appliances if I kept putting it on the fridge. I have had lots of compliments and people notice it immediately when they walk in the door! Thanks so much!!!"
Lori R., Arkansas

So far so good. The dishwasher is complete and it looks great.
I've actually found even other uses for this product. I've used it to paint the backs of my steps to look like pressed tin. I'm hoping the hardness, will make it less chip resistant. I will most likely be ordering more soon.
SWL Bogle

I have completed painting my refrigerator with the Liquid Stainless Steel, and overall, I am very pleased with the result! It all looks great--people who don't know I painted it think I bought it like that.
Sally G.

I used the Stainless Steel paint on the frames of my 20 year old patio furniture to renew it. It came out beautifully. I used the stainless on the frames, I used resin friendly paint on the fabric, and the patio furniture looks like new. It saved money and spared the environment the distress of 9pieces of patio furniture dumped in a landfill.
Leslie G.

"I painted the Refrig over a year ago. The finish is wonderful and folks can't believe that I painted it. Thanks for your great product.
Mary P.

I finally got around to taking pictures, they are not very clear and they don't do my appliances any true justice. Actually everything is beautiful and nobody knows their painted unless I tell them. Then they are shocked and still don't believe me.You have a wonderful product that has made me very happy! I did the refrigerator and the dishwasher, but the picture of the dishwasher is to blurred, so I didn't send it. Thanks again for all of your help,
Vivian R., Chicago, IL

We were very pleased with the results. We used it on a white vinyl side by side. We did the doors and painted the top and sides black. We used a stainless steel spray paint for the handles and trim. Visitors to our home think we got a new refrigerator. Everyone is amazed that we did it ourselves. We also did the panel on the dishwasher. Now we are waiting to see how it holds up to cleaning. So far we are very pleased. We did go back on your website to see if you had a feedback page but did not find one. Thank you for your interest in our results.
Eileen T.

LOVE it!!
Cathy H.

Here is a picture of a blade sign for a mall in Jacksonville, Florida for Mayor's Jewelers. It is of all aluminum construction with auto paint on the routed aluminum letters and top and bottom brackets. This came out so well people think it is real stainless steel.
Chris K., Fort Myers, FL

The Liquid Stainless Steel totally changed our kitchen, we used it on the cabinets which were a dark wood and the kitchen now looks brighter and more modern. It saved us tons of money we would have spent getting them all replaced and we have received lots of compliments. I have already recommended it to family.
Matt A.

Yes, I have used Liquid Stainless Steel and it is GREAT!! We have remodeled our kitchen and put in all new stainless steel appliances (except the dishwasher). Our dishwasher was almost new and I liked it very much so I told my husband that I was going to buy a new SS front for it. Sears told me it was about $240.00 just for the front. I saw an ad in the "Handyman magazine" about your product.
It looks just like the real thing. I have given the information to several people who have seen my dishwasher. I had two architects come over and they wanted the information. Thanks for saving me time and money. It was fast & easy to use.
Susan P., Crosslake, MN

I am very pleased. I bought it to "repair" our vinyl handles on our refrigerator that was worn from use - we have a beach house. Since the refrigerator was silver trimmed, I painted the handles and they look great and my refrigerator new! I am a furniture restorer by hobby and have bought a table that I plan to paint the legs to update the look. I'll send you a photo!
Linda R.

I used the liquid steel paint on my ugly 1960's harvest gold built-in oven door and transformed it into a sleek and modern looking appliance. I also painted an ugly linoleum backsplash and transformed an eye sore into my favorite spot in my kitchen. I experimented with different techniques in painting and found your direction to be the most helpful. I found that several thin layers of paint work better than thick coats and that a small amount of the paint goes a long way. I have ordered more liquid steel paint and am looking for anything I can find to paint. I have enjoyed using the paint enormously.
Carol Gee

"Love it! Used it on my cabinets and turned out great!
Cheri B.

Your product is great!! I was extremely impressed with how easy it was and how great it looks.
I have just purchased my first home and have done several renovations. I am a do-it-yourselfer and am so lucky to have a family that is handy to help me with renovations. My biggest project is my Kitchen. The home was built in the 1950's and everything is original to the home. Kitchens are not cheap! So, I am doing things in phases as budget allows. I used your product on my range. It is a 1980's Whirlpool range that still works perfectly well, but it was white and old looking, dingy. Now it looks great and people don't even notice that it was not stainless steel to begin with. I have a few more pieces that I want to either paint black or find a way to clean up, but as soon as I do I will send photos.
I have not yet used the spray can product, but I do plan to try to use it on some of the door knobs in the home. Door handles are not cheap either, who knew? I think the product will make a huge difference and allow me to save money in this area as well.
I'm pretty sure I have already sold several other people on your product. I have had several people ask me how easy it was to use and I just brag on the product!
I am in Marketing/Business Development myself and would be happy to provide any further information that you may need. Thanks for asking.
Jeanie J.

My husband and I recently purchased our first home, which came with lovely a lovely new stainless steel refrigerator and stove. Unfortunately the stove hood was still the old "harvest gold". I used the Liquid Stainless Steel for an inexpensive way to match the hood to the appliances, and I think it came out just great!
Thank you!
Jessica S.


The Liquid Stainless Steel is great. It was easy to apply and I'm very pleased with the way the refrigerator looks. I had tried a spray stainless steel which was awful, so I was delighted to find your product and even more delighted that it gave exactly the look I wanted. Excellent product.
Barbara H.

Yes I painted my white dishwasher with your liquid stainless steel paint to match the rest of my appliances ! It worked out GREAT !! My friends tell me it looks like the rest of my appliances which are true stainless steal. I've been telling all of my friends about it because they had no idea that there was even such a thing and that it works so well !! Thank you for your Awesome product, it ended up saving me a bundle!!
Ardis G., Roseville, CA

I thought the liquid stainless steel was awesome. I used it for changing all my brass hardware on my front doors. I thought it turned out fabulous and really made a huge difference. Great product. I attached a photo of the door hardware! Thanks!
Amanda S.

I just loved it!! We have been renovating the kitchen and as usual things went "over budget" I'm using your product to tide the look over until I can afford the real stainless. When I show off my kitchen to my family and friends they are blown away. I am getting a treat in telling them that it is liquid stainless. You just wouldn't believe their reactions. Everybody goes and feels it. They just think I'm the smartest shopper around and, of course I have to agree with them.
Shirley J.

We used it to paint some rusted areas of a stainless steel dishwasher. We sanded the rusted parts and put on two coats of the paint and sealer. It worked great!!!!! The health inspector was really impressed when she saw repair we performed on the dishwasher. I was very skeptical about the product (esp. since it was water based) but, it worked great. Thanks
Matt H.

This stuff worked great. I had bought a stainless steel double wall oven from a scratch and dent store. The handle had some deep scratches. I was able to sand out the scratches and use liquid stainless to refinish the handle. It matched the other handle perfect. You cannot tell the one that was repaired.
Russ B.

I finally got a chance to use the liquid stainless steel and I couldn't be happier with the results. I had a new stainless steel exhaust hood installed over my island cooktop. I wanted to paint the walls extending to the ceiling (over the exhaust hood) with the liquid stainless steel to give the unit one continuous look. It looks great and was very easy to paint. I plan to put molding at the top and that will make it look excellent. Thank you.
Maria H.

We are pleased with the results and our family, who were very skeptical at first, were amazed at how good it looks! We have passed on your website to several friends with investment properties - a great way to spruce up the appliances!
J. K.

I finally got around to painting my refrigerator and it looks awesome! It really brings together my kitchen and sure beats paying the several hundreds of dollars that I would have paid for the same look. Thanks,
Eric P.

"Oh my gosh, Bridget... This is the most wonderful stuff I have run across in years!!! I'm an interior designer and I always preferred executing my own ideas. Now that I'm not working, I really miss having sheetrock dust in my hair, paint in my cuticles and wallpaper glue all over me.
At one time, I thought glazing liquid was a gift from God but it can't hold a candle to the Thomas' Liquid Stainless Steel! If you guys would let me on television, I could go on and on about this stuff!!!! I have made up a few flyers and posted them at my local post office and a convenience store we frequent, in the hopes of transforming the appliances of folks who can't afford to have nice new stainless steel appliances.
My enormous GE Profile refrigerator was white and stuck out like a sore thumb in my rustic old cabin that was built from old tobacco barns and has antique oak and maple hardwood floors. I painted the ice/water dispenser with the liquid stainless, the grate across the bottom, the button inside the dispenser and my handles black enamel. There are chrome back plates under the handles and the chrome against the stainless steel really sets if off.
It's absolutely stunning! At first, I was going to prime away the texture, but decided against it and I'm so glad I did. It has an incredibly unique finish and everyone who has seen it is extremely impressed, but not as impressed as I am by this product. I just wish I'd come up with it!!! (That and post it notes!!)
If there is anything at all that I can do to help you promote this product, please don't hesitate to ask! Feel free to quote me and use my full name on the site if you'd like. I'd be proud to have my name associated with this wonderful stuff!
Lisa C., Traphill, NC

Well, it isn't every day you save $1000.00 on fixtures for a bathroom, but your product has made that possible! I had high end fixtures in my bathroom but they were brass. I'm selling my home and I wanted to update the fixtures- replacing them was going to cost $1000.00 but thanks to your product I just painted.
I also did the bottom plate of our dishwasher. The dishwasher was stainless but the bottom plate was grey - it came that way and looked terrible - now it looks terrific! Next will be a desk top, and the folding table in the laundry. Thanks so much,
Lyn Z.

My wife and I saw Liquid Steel on DIY Cool Tools show and decided to try it out. We order the refirgierator kit and we wanted to share some before and after photo with you. Again thanks A+
Tom & Tanya B.

We LOVE this stuff. We're using it on a TV studio set at our High School. We painted the logo letters with it, and we're going to do some strips on the back drop against cherry wood. The letters are done and look incredible. Nice product. Thanks for checking back with us.
Jerry K.

I think it is brilliant! While attempting to clean the grill of my refrigerator, I found that the solution I was using ate the finish off and it looked awful. I looked in to replacing it but didn't want to pay $120.00 for the part.
The Liquid Stainless Steel was so easy to use and it looks great! No one would ever know that I painted it on unless I told them. I will certainly recommend your product to anyone looking to update something or just want to have fun with it. Thank you for saving $100.00 dollars!
Julie N.

We have been on vacation and haven't had much time to try out the product other than a small touch-up on our microwave and one rail (for a stairwell). So far, we love the stuff and plan to change all our stairwell rails to stainless. what a great invention. i plan on letting my sister know of this product as she needs to update the look of appliances but can't afford to buy all new. i love that this can be painted on anything. Thanks,
Paula and Greg R.

I have used the paint and overall very pleased. It was not easy, especially around handles and such. But the overall outcome is great. Thanks!
Cari B.

I used it to repair a scratch on the handle of a stainless steel wall oven and it worked well. Great product!
Tim H.

Yes, I have used it to paint my white enamel stove, and it has worked out pretty well. I would recommend to anyone painting an appliance to pay attention where it says to use light coats. You will get better results with 3-4 light coats than with a heavy coat or 2. One of the issues I had was painting the top of my stove. There is not a lot of "flat" surface, so to speak. The burner area is recessed, than a ridge separates that from the center, and then the same on the other side. I could not really use the tools provided, I had to use a (good) brush. But it worked well enough.
Robert S,

I used the liquid stainless steel on my refrigerator and it turned out great! I wanted to be able to match the refrigerator to my new stainless steel range and dishwasher, without the cost of buying a new refrigerator and the paint did the trick.
J S.

I painted my kitchen appliances. I love the look! All of my appliances were different colors so it is quite a transformation! I painted the sides, top & handles and kick plate of my fridge black so the front is the only part that is stainless and am very pleased as to how all of it turned out. I also painted my stovetop black and the rest of it is stainless. Everything looks like it matches. The only thing I was disappointed in was that the texture on the fridge came through so it didn't exactly take on the stainless steel appearance. I put several coats on and then realized I would not have enough for my other appliances if I kept putting it on the fridge. I have had lots of compliments and people notice it immediately when they walk in the door! Thanks so much!!!
No name provided

Hi. I am an artist and bought your paint to experiment. I am painting my doorknobs and hinges with a craft paint especially for metal. Their craft paint looked okay, but not perfect. So I added two coats of your Stainless paint, and it adds a great sheen and shine to make them look like they are really supposed to be that color. I love the paint and will let you know of other ways I use it. Whatever you use to create the finish it leaves is just perfect.
Karen C.

Hello, I have an interesting one for you. I had taken on a project of restoring a wrecked DeLorean (like the car from the Back to the Future movies), and the front of the car had been hit. The hood and driver side fender were crumpled, and are stainless and impossible to find. We decided to do a little testing. We pulled a mold off of a friend's DeLorean and made the fender and hood out of fiberglass. We then ordered your kit and painted the fiberglass parts. With a little work, we actually made the replacement parts look exactly like the originals! Awesome product!
Rob P.

We were very happy with the product. It made a huge difference for our old ugly garbage disposal. We were very impressed.
Andrea Y.

I would just like to tell you how wonderful your product is. It's easy, not messy and went on as beautifully as you said it would. Thanks
Leigh Ann V.

I hope you enjoy the pictures it definitely made a difference in my kitchen. Still need to touchup a little, but this is a great product! Hopefully you can use them on your site. Hey just finished my frige and dishwasher. It took some time but it came out perfect and much cheaper then buying new ones. It gave my new home a facelift. Here are some before and after pics .
Eric K., Manalapan, NJ

I finally used your Liquid Stainless Steel product last weekend. Everyone tried to talk me into trying it on a toaster or something small first but I was determined and painted my refrigerator. It turned out really awesome. I had to put a third coat on because I had a few bare spots from the wiping up/down with the sponge brush. I had friends over last night and most people thought I bought a new fridge. Others that realized it was my old fridge, thought I must have hired someone to paint it. They loved it.
No name provided

I'm in the middle of a kitchen make-over and didn't want the expensive of buying a new fridge just to have it match my new appliances. You've saved me a whole lot of money. Thank you very much. I'm very happy I found you.

The product worked GREAT ! Thanks..
Paul F.

My wife and I have been undecided for years how to improve our tile back splash in our kitchen. We saw your product and read the box. It said that it coulod be used for tile as well as the other uses. We decided to get it and give it a try. Our appliances are all stainless so this should look nice. The other day I applied your product and we just love the results. I have attached before and after pictures for you to see. I would recommend your product to anyone.
Jim H., Turnersville, GA

"I did my dishwasher with your product and it is fantastic!!!!! If you didn't know that the dishwasher was not originally stainless, you would never know. Your product was easy to use and your instructions were very good. Thank you for a great product...............my next project will be the refrigerator!!
Kathy S.

"The ease of application gave me great results with the product. My son hadn't been by for a while and when he saw the 'stainless' dishwasher front he siad "Did you actually go out and buy the new dishwasher Mom? It looks like a complete set now." I said no, not really, then he looked closer and closer, and he still couldn't tell I had painted it!
E.C. G.

"I used it on my stove top and built in oven and it looks great! I have a SS dishwasher and you really can't tell the difference. It was very easy to use but it took me longer than the instructions implied as I am very particular and took time with it. I plan to do my fridge (if it doesn't quit on me) next. It's a great alternative to buying new appliances and I have already told my friends - Thanks
Brenda M.

"I can actually see a reflection in the finishsaved a ton of $ over replacing my dishwasher.
Mark H.

"I painted my oven and it looks fantastic!! I highly recommend your stainless steel paint.
Lynette M.

"I did not use it on the refrigerator. However, I did use it on my stovehood, cabinet hardware, and stools. I think the product is wonderful. I plan to use it on my filing cabinet in my office next.
Shelly W.

"Just wanted to give you my thoughts about the liquid stainless steel. We used it to paint our stove, which was an older stove, but still works great. We wanted it to match our new dishwasher and fridge that is stainless, but not have to buy a whole new stove. Therefore this product was perfect for me, it looks amazing and seems quite durable. Everyone comments on how good it looks, they think the stove came like that....so that says a lot for itself. This is definitely a product that I let everyone know about who is looking for stainless items, it saves lots of unnecessary purchases and looks very nice. I am so glad there was a product like this on the market because I am always looking for alternative ways to improve things and save money. Thanks so much!
Lindsey J. Greenville, SC

"The result is fabulous. You'd never know unless you look real close that it isn't stainless steel. The refrigerator looks awesome. I'm not the best and most patient painter in the world, but even with my lack of major painting skill it still turned out terrific. I LOVE this product!! It's awesome.
Carl D.

"We painted it onto some outdoor stainless steel parts to a column and it looks fabulous. We live on the beach and have always regretted having used stainless steel, especially on a hard-to-reach piece of the column. Looking at it now, I can almost forget the years of regret because it shines like polished stainless steel and looks absolutely wonderful. Thanks for making such a wonderful product. I am sure I will find many more other uses for it!
Karen R.

"Your product works well, looks great and I assume it is a departure from your normal uses of this product. We have an OUTDOOR glass floored deck and the support beams were painted with your stainless steel paint...to give a stainless appearance for the support beams. This is in our house in the mountains of Colorado at almost 10,000 ft., so we will see how this holds up to some of the most extreme weather conditions (-30 below zero, extreme UV/sunlight exposure). Attached is one picture of the deck. Regards,
Gary M. Frisco, CO

"I used the liquid stainless steel to paint a harvest gold dishwasher and stove hood. They blend in quite well with my new refrigerator and range. I was somewhat skeptical but had heard only positive things about it when I ordered. It went on easily, dried well and looks quite nice. I have cleaned it several times, and it seems to be holding up. The dishwasher is doing better than the hood--but I used two more coats on that; five as opposed to three. My only goofup was that I got some drippy buildup along an edge of the dishwasher. It has been in use for a few months now, and I am pleased that it is still looking fine. I would definitely recommend the product.
Katherine N.

"I used your product on my range hood. I recently upgraded my range to the stainless look. Mt range hood was old, white and ugly. Application was easy, and it looks great! I saved a whole bunch of cash using liquid stainless steel as opposed to buying a new hood. I would recommend your product to anybody. Take care and thanks for following up.
Bob R.

"I have this very old metal sink area in my kitchen. We were going to tear it out and replace it, but it would cost to much and since we were moving we wanted to keep the cost down. I was VERY skeptical at first, and so was my husband, but at the cost of replacing the area with new cabinets, or buying the Thomas' Liquid Stainless Steel it was worth a try! I got it in the mail, and tray was broken. I called the customer service phone number, and I actually talked with a very nice lady and told her that the tray was broken, she apologized and sent another one out right away. The process was very easy, (the only problem I had was with the streaking) but I just put another coat on and then there was no more streaking. The whole metal cabinet looks brand new, and looks great mixed in with the wood cabinets also!
We had a great experience with this, I have recommended it to many people and I now tell everyone how great my "new" kitchen sink looks! Thank You!
Annalisa L.

"Your product worked great and the CD demos really helped. I used it over painted drywall underneath an 8-foot bar counter and had enough left over to do my kitchen backsplash.
Chuck B.

"I used your product on a white range and refrigerator in a secondary area of our house and they came out very nice! People have noted they cannot tell the difference-certainly looks better than the horrid white they were before.
Reda B.

"Your stainless steel product was used on our range hood. After a careful cleaning, I found that four coats were necessary to give the desired coverage. Two top coats gave the correct sheen. Our goal was to match our recently installed stainless appliances without purchasing a new range hood. Standing back about 10 feet, everything looks uniform. A friend did not know the difference until I told him what I had done. And when my wife is happy, I'm happy.
Time will tell as far as durability, but I am impressed with the results. Your product gave us what we were looking for. I have not had the opportunity to try the spray paint. I work part-time in a hardware store and will pass the word to those looking for an option. Thanks for saving me money.
Steve K.

"I used the dishwasher kit as the dishwasher has removable panels and it was easy to experiment on. I was able to apply both the SS and the clear coat with a conventional spray gun. We like it very much and from a short distance, you can't tell it from the true stainless product. Current plans are to do the range hood and the oven doors this week or next. I am changing the range from electric to natural gas; I hate cooking on electric.
The new range is black and ordinarily I would paint it also, however this range has graphics silk screened on the surface. I would have to come up with a method of masking off the graphics before I attempt to paint it, but I am working on it.
As for the refrigerator, it is on the list as the last item to do. It will take a good bit of masking to prevent the seals from getting painted. All in all, it is a great product and easy to use once you get the hang of it.
Barry P., St. Louis, MO PS I spent the summers while I was in college working for a company that made restaurant equipment - out of brushed stainless. Your product is as close to the real thing as it could get.

"I have used it and can report that it looks very nice. Thank you very much for making such a great product.
Jennifer H.

"Thank you so very much for making my homeimprovement project a total success!
Patti B.

"I have done the hardware on my front door and plan to to all my cabinet hardware. It is very easy to work with.
Patti C.

"I have not used it much yet but I did use it on a few ceramic tiles on our kitchen back splash. It came out very nice. We have a stainless steel front dishwasher near these tiles and the tiles look very close to the dishwasher. I am going to order more of the liquid stainless steel because I want to try this on a couple of new metal handrails. I know this may not be recommended for using on this type of item but given the ease of the material to go on and finish out like a real stainless steel metal panel I think this should work well. Thank you
Stephan H.

"We used the product on our Dishwasher, Range, and Refrigerator and we are very happy with the results. The appliances look good and we saved a lot of money in the process. We have been giving the product time to fully cure and we are truly pleased. The paint tray was broken when we received it but it was no big deal to line the tray with aluminum foil. We may have to do some accessories in the future! Thank you for an excellent product.
Bob DeLisle

"It was so exciting. It truly was everything you said it was. I don't mind saying I was a bit on the sceptic side, but not any more! The stove took a little practice, so I had to do it twice, but it was worth it and we had plenty of product to do it with. People I know and friends could not tell and I even went to stores to compare. I would recomend to anyone looking to save some cash. I am a chef by trade and now my kitchen reflects it! Thanks again,
Dino M.

"I received so many compliments on the job my husband did. We applied this to our white refrigerator. So many of my family members over this past holiday weekend....honestly thought it was a new appliance.
I would definitely recommend this to any one.
Ernestine W. Philadelphia, PA

"Your product is awsome, thanks so much!
Henry V.

"The project was a great success. I purchased my home in November of 2007 and have been doing various updates throughout my home. I applied the liquid stainless steel to my dishwasher and microwave. They turned out phenomenal. I tell people about this product all the time now. They can't believe what an improvement it has made in my kitchen. One person whispered me... you shouldn't tell people, they would never know its not the real thing.
Thanks again for this wonder product.
Steve B.

"Hi, I used the stainless steel paint kit to do my refrigerator and dishwasher and it is an amazing product!  My husband was skeptical and later blown away by the final result.  Thank you for such a great product.   We love it!  Question for you...do you happen to sell the small foam rollers for the paint roller separately, or can you tell me where I could get them.  I've been using the roller for some regular painting because it is extremely comfortable.  If so, I'd be happy to purchase them from you.  Again, thanks for such a wonderful product.  I am thinking of using the granite finish now as well, it looks fun and beautiful too!
Carol S.  Van Dyne, WI  

"UNBELIEVABLE!!!! I used it on my old dishwasher which is original to our kitchen -- 1970 -- old plasticy looking thing in an ugly tanish color, but amazingly still works really well and money is tight, so we wanted to keep it. It looks like a new dishwasher! My father came over for a visit and thought we bought a new one. We are amazed. No kidding. Every day since I painted it (about one month now) my husband and I say, wow, look at our dishwasher! We couldn't be happier with this product. We did buy a new fridge as our old one died, and it is stainless steel. The painted dishwasher totally matches the new stainless fridge! We love this product!!!
Amy L.